Extraordinarily unique fragrances

Wearing an eau de parfum by Claudia Scattolini is a unique choice. In many senses, starting from the one most directly engaged: our sense of smell. Fragrances with the delicate touch of an opera aria, composed of luxury elements skilfully bound together with notes selected one by one to form a splendid score of noble, sophisticated raw materials.

Its uniqueness lies beyond fashion, beyond trends, in a land of timeless, self-assured elegance.
Formulated in traditional fashion, just as the skilful masters of the perfumery art once crafted them in Italy for the court of nobles and royals. Selecting the finest essences. Patiently blending them drop by drop to obtain that elusive combination best able to express emotions and style and to conjure up an alluring atmosphere.

As unique as the details that are hallmark of extraordinary individuals and experiences.

Designing the most subtle of pleasures.

The ancient craft of the master perfume maker lives on today in the inspired calling of the Fragrance Designer. This is the art of Claudia Scattolini: Italian taste and skill, combined with a long family tradition in the pharmacy business in the Venice area and a generous dose of French savoir faire acquired from the ISIPCA in Versailles, the Guerlain school.
An extraordinary formula, perhaps a truly unique one.

What she really loves is to create bespoke perfumes, the kind she has been crafting specifically for fashion brands and top hotels, art exhibitions and events with an international reach. And for special people, designed just for them.

This is the first luxury eau de parfum range to be marketed with her name and trademark.



Lively fragrance expressing natural freshness with its marine notes blended with a soft heart of lily of the valley and lotus flowers.



Sparkling bouquet of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin, well blended with the aromatic note of sage, finally endings in a rich idyll of clove, cedar wood, white musk and amber.


Wild Fig

Fruit and leaf of an elegant, mediterranean, wild fig blended with watery notes, the aromatic hints
of estragone and a floral heart of jasmine and acacia. Gentle cedar wood and amber end the opera.


Delicate Rose

A feminine and luxurious rose blends with mimosa flowers in a rich and sensual atmosphere of woods and Indian amber.



Bourbon vanilla with its absolute femininity, its warm and rich bouquet blended with the passion of jasmine and delicate peach flowers, sleeping on an elegant accord of white musk.



Brighting fragrance with warm notes of luxurious amber blended with honey and a precious accord of sandal and cedar woods.

Wood and skin

Spicy notes of red pepper and coriander, the freshness of Calabrian bergamot, the passionate scent of Indian jasmine and cinnamon: mystic and and sophisticated with leather feelings and precious woods and a gentle touch of benzoin.

Wood And Skin Claudia Scattolini

A handful of stories, a thousand different souls. All of them worn on the skin

Where does the inspiration for a perfume come from? From an emotion or a memory, sometimes a flickering flame, even a slightly deceptive sensation, sometimes a fleeting image caught on the wing. What do these sensations bring forth? Memories, often dormant in the depths of our mind. Emotions that have faded to a whisper.

A perfume is a round-trip journey: it sets out from the soul and reaches into the depths of the soul, bringing out tones and notes unique to each individual that wears or perceives it.
Claudia Scattolini eau de parfum creations are stories, memories and emotions captured in a fragrance: the pure emotion of a moment, worlds experienced or imagined, fleeting moments of passion and lasting love stories.

Fragrances that say who you are, that tell others who you are. Your story, on your skin.

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